Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Clean Wine™ is arsenic's enemy

After the recent Arsenic scare in the consumer wine market,​​ Deerfield Ranch Winery, located in idyllic Sonoma Valley along Hwy 12, tested its popular Red Rex, Winemaker Robert Rex's proprietary seven varietal blend. American standards allow for 10ppb (parts per billion) in wine and drinking water. "The Red Rex includes fruit sourced from no less than 14 of our organic, biodynamic, and sustainable vineyards​​​Deerfield Ranch Winery is proud to report our Red Rex had NO ARSENIC in it, none at all​​.* We are committed to producing Clean Wine™.  Our success in meeting that goal has been confirmed yet again." said Winemaker Robert Rex   *Arsenic testing by ETS Laboratory, Napa Valley
Europe tolerates levels of Arsenic in wine 10 times greater than American wines, or 100ppb.  The next time you reach for a bottle of Bordeaux, Brunello, or Burgundy from your cellar, let your conscience take the wheel and reach for a bottle of Deerfield instead. 

"It’s just another reason to confidently enjoy Deerfield Clean Wine™," notes Winemaker Robert Rex. To paraphrase an English playwright, “To drink water, or to drink Deerfield wine, that is the question.’”