Friday, September 21, 2012

Clean Wine Story

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For those of you who haven’t heard the Deerfield story, PJ Rex came from Iowa to California to go to school and meet a California boy. At Berkeley, she met Robert, who said he was from L.A ( Osage, Iowa actually). Robert kept PJ’s Alfa Romeo running (takes an Italian) and as a thank you, PJ gave him a winemaking kit. Robert is a chemist by training, chef by avocation and artist by nature. PJ says a winemaking kit was the perfect gift for Robert... It proved to be more than that when Robert won Best of Show in the California State Fair for his 1972 Zinfandel, his first wine.

The irony behind PJ giving Robert a winemaking kit is that she is extremely allergic to many of the by-products created during the winemaking process and in fact, can’t drink most wine. With the public accolades reinforcing Roberts confidence in his winemaking, Robert now had another goal in mind - he was determined to make wine PJ could drink. Through trial and error, his knowledge of chemistry and his passion to not cut corners in the winemaking process - the concept of clean wine was born. Robert began producing wine that the “canary (PJ) in the (23,000 square foot) cave” could drink.

Today, hundreds of Deerfield Ranch Winery fans are able to drink Deerfield wine without the negative reactions they get from other wines. What started as a token of gratitude has evolved into a concept that we are passionate about sharing with the world. Help us spread the clean wine message and share with friends that can’t drink wine at all or drink wine but get reactions to the sulfites or histamines that there is clean wine - Deerfield wines. Tell your friends, family, co-workers and fellow wine enthusiasts that a movement has begun. Join the clean wine movement! Drink Deerfield and discover the difference.

P.S. PJ is still driving the Alfa Romeo... and finally got her own label!

So, What exactly is clean wine and what techniques do we use to make it? Find out here -

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Robert Rex's Brain Child - the @Wine

When texting doesn’t fit the bill, when real face time is what you need- this wine is where it’s @”. The @wine, a by-the-glass wine that exceeds all expectations is Robert Rex’s, the Winemaker at Deerfield Ranch Winery, brain child. By merging the social, dynamic, interactive form of the internet with the inherently social characteristic of wine – a new brand with a meaning is born - the @wine.

Robert Rex has been making wine at Deerfield Ranch Winery in Sonoma County for over thirty years. Robert says “winemaking is 60% cooking and 40% chemistry”. A Chemistry major from UC Berkeley and a decorated Master Chef, Robert blends his hobby and vocation to produce some of the best wine in the World – as evidenced by over 250 wine awards. Yet, Robert wanted something more – he wanted a wine for every occasion, an everyday wine you could be proud to serve your friends. By using the relationships he had created over the years as a winemaker for Deerfield, Robert put together a lineup of the four most popular varietals in the world - Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet, from appellations and vineyards famous for their respective varietals. There is a Chardonnay from Santa Maria and Napa, reflecting the difference in terrior. The @ Merlot from Mendicino is the perfect BBQ wine and Pinot Noir from the Edna Valley on the Central Coast where ocean breeze and mild summers produce award winning Pinots. Finally, the Cabernet is from the Sonoma Valley where elegant cabs are produced. The @wine comes in screw top bottle for easy access and no planning needed when the time is right to open a bottle. The varietal is largely displayed on the front of the bottle in bright, lively colors that are easy to associate with each varietal, producing a package that is eye catching and friendly. The concept of the @wine is to introduce and educate people about wine and the lifestyle associated with wine. Creating a label and wine brand that is recognizable and fun, not intimidating. “Over delivers” is key to the @wine philosophy. There is an increasing interest in wine in today’s culture and Robert strives to educate and inform this growing audience of wine drinkers with the @wine and give his Deerfield fans an everyday wine for every occasion. Unlike some wines that scream “wine snob” and “exclusive”, the @wine appeals to people that just enjoy wine. The @wine team asks new, interested wine drinkers to pick a wine or two – go to the @wine website and we will give you a recipe for the perfect pairing and a shopping list with instructions on how to impress your friends – welcome to the wine world.

This doesn’t mean that the @wine is just for new wine drinkers though. The wine has an excellent price to value ratio that everyone can appreciate. We know the $125 bottle of DRX gets tucked away for a special occasion. Sometimes, however, you just need to entertain some guests with a nice, reasonably priced bottle of good wine that will be appreciated by all. That’s where the @wine comes in.

Deerfield’s sister winery, the @winery, is located at the Family Wineries Tasting Room at 9380 Sonoma Highway in Kenwood, CA. There is an elegant, spacious, beautiful back yard that is the perfect spot for a picnic or outing with a friend. Come by the Deerfield Ranch Winery tasting room in our 23,000 square foot cave and we will give you and a friend an @wine 2 for 1 tasting card. We will also order a picnic lunch for you and your friends to be delivered to the family wineries tasting room - which should definitely be your next stop!